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About Avant Guard
AvantGuard's Monitoring Center was founded by a group of industry professionals with over fifty years of combined management experience. AvantGuard Monitoring Centers has established the online division of AG-UL to enable the rapid and convenient means for customers to contact the alarm monitoring centers. Each AG-UL employee contributes to the unique blend of experience and expertise that ensures that AG-UL's alarm monitoring centers' services stay ahead of the competition. AG-UL takes great pride in having engaged the services of a highly experienced and well-trained staff that treats each and every customer with the utmost respect and professionalism. Every Central Station Representative of AG-UL's alarm monitoring centers is highly skilled, licensed, and qualified to monitor customers' accounts, as well as provide professional and courteous service. AG-UL encourages its dealers to ask questions or give comments that they may have regarding the alarm monitoring centers' services, the company, or ways the facility may more effectively service its dealers and their customers.The company name, AvantGuard, is derived from the French word "avant-garde", meaning "leaders in new and revolutionary ideas".

What makes us different

AG-UL is indeed a leader and quite revolutionary in the manner in which it provides wholesale alarm monitoring centers and other services to security dealers across the country. There are several ways in which AG-UL lives up to the name AvantGuard. Firstly, the facility is among the first wholesale alarm monitoring center companies to have two active redundant central stations, exceeding UL requirements and delivering even greater peace of mind to our dealers and subscribers.Next, the AG-UL alarm monitoring centers are committed to personalized service.

While the trend in the industry is to move towards more automated services (i.e. auto-attendants, VRT's, etc.), AG-UL is fully focused on providing a more personal approach. While AG-UL agrees that there is certainly a place for automated services, such as automatic emails and web access, there are countless instances when there can be no substitution for a live, trained professional. At AG-UL, a live operator will always answer the calls of its customers and subscribers.The primary service of AG-UL is to provide wholesale alarm monitoring centers services to independent security alarm dealers around the country. The security and safety of AG-UL's dealers' customers are a priority. In addition to providing the monitoring services of the alarm monitoring centers, AG-UL offers valuable business services, such as third party billing and financing programs. The goal of AG-UL is to provide a high quality service to all its security dealers that will allow them to focus on growing their businesses. For customers requiring more information regarding the alarm monitoring centers' services or any of the other offered services, AG-UL has two twenty-four hour UL listed alarm monitoring centers to service its dealers. The alarm monitoring center providers, AG-UL, recommend the Tacoma, Washington monitoring center service, which caters specifically to the needs of dealers in the Northwest, and the Ogden, Utah national monitoring centers services for dealers nationwide. GE Monitoring Automation Systems' software allows both central stations to back up one another.